The Sharp OSA Platform adds flexibility to the MFP, affording companies the opportunity to work more efficiently. With increased functionality at the MFP, Sharp OSA Applications can dramatically reduce your customers’ document processing time. Whether you do your own application development, or simply leverage the integration that Sharp and the Sharp OSA Developer community bring to the table, you can offer your customers the benefit of increased productivity which has a positive affect on their bottom line. The Sharp OSA Platform will be instrumental in your continued success as a dealer. With the Sharp OSA development platform qualified developers can create applications that can dynamically display custom interface screens on the LCD panel, controlling device functions. This represents an opportunity for you to meet the needs of your customers by developing customized applications that promote efficient workflow. Sharp OSA Applications will help to secure relationships with your existing customers, as well as make you a standout among the competition to potential customers. To personalize the MFP to the customer needs, it is important to remember that the Sharp OSA SDK is a key component that must be combined with the development tool set of the target application. Sharp OSA integration bridges the gap between the MFP and the application. There are two Sharp soft key options. Each one enables a different separate set of Sharp OSA functionality on the MFP. The Application Communication Module (ACM) allows integrated network applications to create, configure, and execute scan jobs remotely and the External Accounting Module (EAM) enables integrated applications to restrict access and feature sets by authenticating users, in addition to tracking usage by individual, department and more. They can be enabled together or separately on the same MFP.


Enabling the Sharp OSA Platform requires two discrete components. The first is the Software Development Kit, intended for developers. The second is the Sharp softkeys, which activate the Sharp OSA capabilities on the devices.

1. Software Development Kit (SDK)
Sharp OSA SDK is a set of tools provided to developers to understand Sharp OSA technology and build applications using the Sharp OSA interface. It is available through the Sharp OSA Developer Program.

2. The Sharp OSA Softkeys
Like any other Sharp MFP or option, these are sold through Sharp’s independent dealer channel. Sharp OSA consists of two softkeys, one for each application time.

a. MX-AMX2: Application Communication Module (ACM)

• Activates “Standard” Applications
• Allows integrated applications to create, configure, and execute scan jobs remotely.

b. MX-AMX3: External Accounting Module (EAM)

• Activates “External Accounting” Application
• Allows integrated applications to restrict access and feature sets by authenticating users, as well as track usage