In today’s competitive business environment, it’s more important than ever for organizations to manage document output on their office equipment devices. Equitrac Express and Equitrac Office complement Sharp® MFPs by providing cost accounting alternatives each focused on particular market segments. Equitrac Office fits well in the general office marketplace and vertical markets such as Financial, Healthcare, Insurance and Government. Equitrac Express is targeted at environments where users need to pay for print or copy, such as Education. These server based applications track print, color, fax and copy activity across numerous documents and print job attributes. Output costs can be charged and allocated to specific individuals, departments or groups.

Equitrac Express:

• Convenient and flexible payment options:
• Cash, store-value cards, campus card or network printing accounts.
• Charging to user, department, grant or fund allocation.
• Self-serve account deposit device support.
• Administration-free anonymous online account support.
• Support for legacy value card readers.
• Effortless print quota enforcement.
• Security and confidentiality with Equitrac Follow-You ™
• Extensive reporting:
• Summary, detailed and total activity reports.
• Scheduled reports with multiple export options.
• Report customization at site and personal levels.

Download Product Brochure (PDF)

Equitrac Office:

Equitrac Office helps business managers to increase their productivity, control and reduce costs, and intelligently manage assets and resources by:

• Minimizing waste through authorized use of office equipment.
• Recovering and/or allocating document output costs.
• Discovering optimal deployment of devices, thus reducing capital costs.
• Assisting in the prevention of private or sensitive materials from sitting unattended and unclaimed at remote printers.
• Assist in managing office equipment supplies and consumables.

Download Product Brochure (PDF)