Technical Expertise

Our Technical Services Group tenure in the office equipment industry is over 15 years. Our average employment tenure at SOS is 10 years. Our technicians earn cash incentives based on the performance of the equipment they maintain and service. The more copies the equipment runs between service calls, the more the cash incentive. SOS uses a third party to evaluate our service performance. This compares our service to others in our industry. We have a high rating in many areas including first call effectiveness, call back percentage, and hold for parts percentage. This means we fix the call the first time!

Up Time

We consistently maintain equipment above 97% up time. We can provide up time and service history reports. We have an average response time of 4 hours. We have over a quarter of a million dollars in parts and supplies stocked in our warehouse ready for any type of emergency. Every customer has an assigned technician to their account. This helps the technician understand your equipment and know what is needed to keep your equipment working properly.

Service Loaners

We understand that down time hurts your productivity. Under the terms of our service contracts, if service management determines an in-shop analysis is required, a loaner unit will be provided.